Founded: 2009

Realeboga-Bakubung Training and Development Agency is a community based, nonprofit organisation (NPO) promoting quality Early Childhood Development (ECD) programmes, Adult Basic Education and Training, and empowering communities with a variety of skills. It is our strong believe that through training and skills development a strong and solid foundation can be laid for the children of our country for a better future.


Realeboga-Bakubung Training and Development Agency is a registered NPO and public benefit organisation (PBO) and Accredited by ETPD-SETA. The organisation operates mainly in the Free State and other provinces on demand.


We specialise in skills development for ECD workers, capacity building for ECD Management, supervisors and parents.

- We train ECD Level 4 as a qualification;

- We also focus on children who are not in ECD Centres through our Family and Realeboga-Bakubung Training and Development Agency Community Motivators Programme;

- We do food gardens for the crèches so that children eat healthy meals, and centres can sell to communities to buy educational toys for early stimulation;

- The training team is highly experienced and knowledgeable in the various fields. As a team, we uphold our values and organisation ethics at all times. We have a qualified and experienced team of Facilitators, Assessors and Moderator (ETDP- SETA);

- We do HIV/AIDS training and Counselling, First Aid, Health and Safety and Nutrition.


Realeboga-Bakubung Training and Development Agency aims to:

- Promote quality Early Childhood Development Services by training Early Childhood Development workers;

- Empower Early Childhood Centre Management Committees to effectively and efficiently manage the ECD projects;

- Equip ECD workers with necessary skills to improve the quality of ECD service provision;

- Facilitate Entrepreneurial projects for the communities to alleviate
unemployment and poverty;                                                        

- Sensitise the communities on issues of ECD;

- Network and build partnership with community organisation and government departments who share similar aims and objectives; and  

- Promote gender equality concepts with an emphasis of women empowerment as well as people with disabilities.               


Family and Community Motivators Programme

Through our Family and Community Motivator programme, we do home visits to the families of these children that are not attending crèches and ask the caregiver to join our programme where we teach him/her (caregiver) on how to stimulate their children in their own homes using whatever they have.


They are taught how to involve their children in their house chores e.g. when doing the washing-the child learn about colours, sizes, texture and at the same time their small muscels are being developed, when the caregiver cooks and involve the child and s/he can learn on how certain foods change colour when cooked and when they bake cakes / scones - they learn measuring and size, how they turn from being flour to cakes and by that all the Mathematical and Science concepts are learnt.


At the end of the day the child has the same exprience and knowledge that his/her peers are getting at the formal ECD settings.

We also hold monthly cluster workshops where we bring caregivers together and talk about issues that matters in their lives e.g. health and hygiene, how to save money, abuse and domestic violence, etc.


The main challenge that we are facing at the moment is funding, as most funders keeps on changing their focus. In most centres that we work with they depend on the government subsidy to run their centres efficiently and most cases it is not paid on monthly basis. The other disturbing issue is that the government is underestimating the good work that non-governmental organisations are doing with regard to training but our trainees get first preference when they apply to teach at primary schools for Grade R.

Impact of Our Work in the Communities

Our Family and Community Motivators Programme has changed many lives in the communities where we work.


- We have seen care givers starting to listen to their children’s needs;

- They know how to develop and stimulate their children in their own homes;  

- They are aware of children’s right to education, to good health, to cleanliness and hygiene and most importantly to love them unconditionally;

- They have started food gardens at their back yards and children are eating healthy meals; and

- They now know how to save money and to buy the needs rather than the wants, etc.


The impact on the ECD practitioners and workers:

- The ECD workers now know how children develop and learn;

- They are aware of what activities to provide to different ages of children;

- They know about the holistic develop of child;

- They know how to plan their lesson using different themes and topics;

- They are able to include even those that are physically or mentally challenged in their programmes; and

- They involve the parents and know that they are the primary care givers.

Alice Phirime
Executive Director
Tel: 051 873 2439
Mobile: 082 951 2453 / 074 100 7273

Fax: 086 511 5281
Physical Address: 621 Station View, Thaba Nchu, 9783

Postal Address: PO Box 113, Selosesha, Thaba Nchu, Free State


Banking Details:

Name of Bank: ABSA
Name of Account: Realeboga-Bakubung Training and Development Agency
Account Type: Current
Account Number: 4077140083

Branch Code: 632005


Auditors: Pele-ea- Pele Auditors (IRBA PR-NO 903601)


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