Acronym: LP

Founded: November 2013                                                                                                                                  



To be a beacon of hope to the society by bringing positive transformation e.g. moral regeneration and restoration of human dignity.




  • To deliver people from Satanism, drugs, nyaope marijuana and other strongholds;
  • To provide counselling to abused women and children, and those traumatised by rape, abortion, molestation etc.


Main activities and services - projects programmes, events etc.


  • Love People is involved in the awareness campaigns of drugs, Satanism, nyaope, drugs , abuse women and children by visiting school, parks, churches stadiums, community meeting etc.
  • Love People non-governmental organisation (NGO) also raises awareness through door to door and research survey campaigns. The organisation interacts with social development through social services and local drug action committee by making a research survey on how people are affected by substance abuse. Love People also raises drug awareness by dishing out pamphlets. The organisation engages people on a one on one basis. There are people who are being referred to Love People which the organisation also attends to, working together with NGO’s such as Lesedi la bophelo NGO belonging to elderly people. After great assessment Love People refers its clients to relevant stakeholder’s e.g. social workers department of health, sassa, wawa, Westview, are ageng etc.




  • Lack of resources/lack of funding is the major issue;
  • Lack of shelters, and funding for training and skills development for the abused and lack of funds for training of office bearer’s e.g. auxiliary social work.




  • Networking with other stakeholders;
  • Transfer of skills;




  • Love People combats crime;
  • The hope of people gets revived after the organisation has encouraged them;
  • Communities and schools acknowledge Love People’s existence;
  • Youth sees the importance of not indulging in substance abuse but instead they get encouraged to study more (motivational speakers do a good job in this regard);
  • People get delivered from substance abuse and Satanism;
  • Peace is restored in communities and families are stabilised;
  • Women and Children feel more secured.


Contribution to Society


Love People provides food to the needy and alleviate poverty. The statistics of crime and Satanism goes down




Our leadership consist of the following people:


  • Emily Letlhake  (Chairperson)
  • Grace Mosaase (Secretary)
  • Cornelius Sereetsi(Treasurer)
  • Agnes Mntunyana(Deputy Chairperson)
  • Zodwa Gumede(Deputy Secretary)


Contact Love People:


8311 Mzilikantha Street

Ext 5

Mohlakeng Location


Mobile: 083 345 9419 / 079 132 9465


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