Acronym: LCC
Founded: 2009


Lesedi Community Centre currently operates in Sebokeng Zone 7 as one of Gauteng satellite office. The organisation is a community centre which implements numerous programs aimed at bringing health and social service closer to remote wards within Emfuleni Local municipality including Evaton and its surrounding communities.


The organisation was founded and registered as a nonprofit organisation with the Department of Social Development in 2009. This initiative came as a result of the founders to reach communities within Emfuleni Local Municipality. More so, the plights of such communities are further worsened by their inability to access employment, health and social serves intended to mitigate such problems.


Lesedi Community Centre’s vision is self-reliant and empowered communities through accessible basket of services. Its mission is that of an integrated and well-coordinated provision of community services to ensure positive development of human capital.


The centre’s intervention mainly focuses on psychosocial and poverty alleviation services. However, mother to child health and nutrition (MCHN), early childhood development (ECD) are the main programmes for the financial year 2013/2014. The activities thereof are household survey, registration and revisit, health talks in health facilities, community dialogues and encounters.

Health Talk Session

Beneficiaries attending a health talk by Lesedi Community Centre while awaiting post natal services in a health facility:


ECD Stimulation Activity

Community health care worker (CHW) of Lesedi Community Centre using age appropriate and self made toys to stimulate and assess a child's milestone and development in one of the health facility:


Partners and Stakeholders

- Emfuleni Local Municipality;  

- Empilisweni Clinic Zone 7;  

- Evaton Main Clinic;  

- Levai Mbatha Clinic;  

- Tlhokomelong Clinic Small Farms;  

- Zone 3 Clinic;  

- Lemao Performing Arts;  

- Emthonjeni Drop in Centre; and  

- Sharpeville Clinic.

Partners And Stakeholders continued…

(Left) Lesedi Community Centre in partnership with the departments of; - social development, and justice during a mass mobilisation campaign. (Right) Lesedi hosting student from the United States of America for observation and research:



Lesedi managed to fund raise R450 000 to implement MCHN and this led to employment of 10 CHWs and three management personnel for 2013/2014 financial year.

The impact of the project has been:

Conducted 240 home visits quarterly as planned according to the performance contract.

Register 600 households (60 per CHW)



# of households registered


# of interventions conducted

1 404

# of referrals for MCHN to health care facilities


# Facility based health education session to the general community rendered at ANC clinics


# of group child health classes held for primary caregivers at the under 5s clinics in Health care facilities.


# of community based information, education and Counseling/ Communication Sessions for target population conducted.


# of Community based Information, education and counseling/ communication (IEC) Sessions for Women of Child bearing age.


Teenagers reached through community awareness in Boiketlong Primary school.



Lesedi is faced with huge financial constraints that hampers its ability to implement other programmes. The current solicited funds are only valid for a year and this threatens the sustainability of the MCHN, which was on its infancy in terms of breaking unwanted health hazard lifestyle, believes and practices negatively affecting health and nutrition for pregnant women and children of 0-5 years.

Office space remains a problem for Lesedi given that it currently rent house in which runs its operations and the rental takes a bulk funds from its coffers.

- Insufficient office equipment and furniture and poor stipends are also a stumbling block;  

- Lack of uniform for CHW makes it impossible for them to reach large number of clientele given that communities are unable to identify them due to insecurity in the area of operation. More so they are faced with working in poor working condition without protective clothing since they do not have such uniform items. This also negatively affects no of beneficiaries to be reached including the health of the CHWs;

- CHWs ' livelihood which is dependent on the current funds is threatened in the event the contract is not renewed since the current funder is the sole donor for Lesedi.


Lesedi is currently embarking on expanding its ECD toys manufacturing (from recycled material) programme so it can sell to surrounding ECDs as part of fundraising. However, it still need capacity building in terms of branding and marketing  of the product since the market is already identified  and the toys have been tested as illustrated in the picture on ECD stimulation above.


Contact Persons:

Kate Mocheki
Mobile: 074 490 6126


Busi Maseko
Mobile: 079 077 3364
Physical Address: 14905 Hlobane Street, Sebokeng Zone 7, Gauteng, 1983


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