Acronym: GRIP

Founded: 2000


In 2000 South Africa was still in democratic infancy. Rape, domestic violence and the HIV/AIDS epidemic were out of control and people who received the abuse had nowhere to turn. Women who had been raped were not allowed to receive post exposure prophylaxis and were treated as though they were to blame for being raped. Doctors and police officers had no training to deal with the emotional aspects of working with a survivor of rape and as such women were experiencing secondary trauma as a result of the treatment they were receiving. A group of local women were witnessing these events as spectators in the lives of the survivors. In response to the on-going violence and the continued mistreatment of women desperately in need of help, GRIP was formed by the group of local women and the current Chief Executive Officer is one of the women responsible for formation.


GRIP’s mission is to provide humanitarian assistance, rehabilitation and empowerment to all sexual assault and domestic violence survivors as well as services to those affected and infected by HIV and Aids as a result of sexual assault.


The organisation’s vision is to live in a country that is free of rape, sexual assault and domestic violence. 



GRIP has five programmes currently running:

- Care room intervention which deals with rape and domestic violence survivors who come into a care room and receive counselling, police support and medical support ( this is our primary area of operation);

- A mobile clinic which provides free HIV/AIDS counselling and testing as well as awareness to farm workers and disadvantaged communities; 

- A shelter for abused women and children who have nowhere to go;

- An awareness programme which targets community members as well as schools; and 

- A programme providing outreach to commercial sex workers.


Funding remains GRIPs biggest challenge. Sustainability, changes in government leadership and on-going training are also challenges.


In 2011, GRIP assisted 2851 survivors of rape and domestic violence, in 2012 the number decreased to 2777. In 2013 the amount of survivors assisted increased drastically to 3218. Apart from helping beneficiaries, GRIP employs local women from disadvantaged communities and trains them to be counsellors. GRIP uplifts these local women by providing education and growth opportunities as they can be promoted up through the organisation.


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