Our House of Restoration is a safe-haven for abused and vulnerable women and children, as well as young teenage girls.  The ladies and young girls that come to our house have all been the victims of abuse and violence, such as suffering sexual trauma, domestic violence, being ex-prostitutes, victims of human trafficking and drug-addicts, etc. These ladies all have one desire - to put the past behind them and to get their lives back on track.  


Here the ladies can regain their human dignity and self-worth. Our House of Restoration accommodates mothers together with their children, thereby keeping the family together as a unit. They are comforted, receive counselling and therapy and are taught various skills,  eventually enabling them to fend for themselves and their children. After a couple of months they leave the house and become productive members of society. We can assist up to 30 mothers and children as residents of the house at any given time, but we also cater for many day-visitors that attend our various upliftment programmes. 


At the house we also have an in-house crèche for the smaller children. The toddlers are entertained with basic pre-school activities presented by an Educare teacher while their mothers focus on their healing. Our Grade RR and Grade R children attend a nearby crèche named ‘Play With Purpose’ and older children attend the neighbouring schools.


Our vision is to empower less fortunate persons, the youth, aged, disabled, jobless and uneducated to lead a meaningful and dignified life so that they can fulfill their physical, spiritual, family, social, career and financial needs and to enable them to pay it forward to others from day to day. 


Our mission is to create and facilitate an environment to care for and mentor our ‘Vision’ audience through a care centre where they will be provided with safe housing, healthy nutrition, medical services, education skills training, job creation, creative recreation and spiritual development on a sustainable basis.


The organisation does not receive any subsidies or grants from the government or the Lotto and survive wholly on donations received from individuals and companies, as well as our own job-creation efforts and fundraising projects.


Specific programmes that we present are: 

Spiritual counselling;  Life Coaching – Inner Life Skills and Group Therapy;  Addiction Recovery and Support Group;  Trauma Debriefing;  Skills Development Classes (Cooking, Baking, Jewellery Making, Fabric Painting, Sewing and Knitting);  HIV/AIDS training and support;  Legal advice and support, etc.


Hope Crisis Centre

At our Hope Crisis Centre we assist many members from the community that find themselves in desperate circumstances. The centre is located at 87 Jones Street, West-Krugersdorp.  


Our Services

- Life Coaching and Inner Life skills programmes;

- Trauma debriefing and counselling;

- Drug awareness and counselling;

- A teenage pregnancy support group; and

- A sexual trauma counselling and support group. - A support group for abusive and abused men.


Art of Hope – ‘Healing With Art’

At our Art of Hope Centre, our House of Restoration ladies, as well as ladies from the Community come to practise their creative skills, such as jewellery making, fabric painting, sewing and knitting, card making, etc. These items are then sold at various coffee shops and market stalls, thereby creating an income for the ladies as well as for the Craddle of Hope. After leaving our House of Restoration the ladies can then use these skills to generate an income for themselves and their children.



Since 2008, we have been assisting the community of POMFRET in the North West. This forgotten settlement has a population of about 4 000 souls. They live in appalling conditions of poverty and neglect. We assist with supporting the orphanage that houses 20 children with food, clothing and various other needs.


We were instrumental in establishing the nursery school, and we assist with supporting the 120 children of the nursery school with one meal every day. We provide regular food parcels to the very poor, and the elderly.


We have assisted the community with the establishment of a soup kitchen for the elderly persons of POMFRET, and we provide food and other items on a regular basis during our outreaches to POMFRET. We have also assisted many of the residents with wheelchairs and crutches etc. Currently we are in the process of building and establishing a medical clinic for the POMFRET community.


Since July 2010, we have been supporting the seven severely burnt children of the Vingerkraal community with medical care, occupational therapy including pressure garments, and their general wellbeing.



Rakgoadi consists of approximately 2 000 residents, and we have been assisting the community since 2010. During frequent outreaches we have taught the ladies sewing and knitting skills, thereby empowering them to earn an income.  We have also assisted with establishing a food gardening project in the community.


Elderly Persons – Krugersdorp

Currently, we are assisting 30 elderly persons in Krugersdorp with their various needs. We supply them with a food parcel once a month. We also cook them a healthy nutritious meal every Friday, which is delivered to them before lunchtime. During winter months we give them blankets and soup etc.  We have the ladies hair done for them, and during summer we host a ‘braai’ for them.  


Feeding Scheme – Randfontein

Since 2011, we have been assisting a feeding scheme for approx. 480 less fortunate orphans and vulnerable children in the rural Randfontein area (south), many of which are child-headed households. These children receive one meal per day, and some walk as far as four kilometres to come and eat this basic meal. Many of these children are orphans due to HIV /AIDS and live in extreme poverty. We have assisted the persons in charge of the feeding scheme with the necessary skills, training and equipment (cooking aids / gas stove, etc.) to make the project self-sustainable, and we have now handed the project back to the community.


Swaziland Outreach

Every year, we form part of an outreach to assist the orphans and vulnerable children of Swaziland, the initiative of Janine Maxwell from Heart for Africa.


Our project for 2012 / 2013 was the Duduza (comfort) dolls. During 2012, a total of 1 000 hand-knitted Duduza dolls were distributed to these children that are in desperate need. 


During a previous outreach we were able to provide 1 000 children each with a warm hand-knitted beanie. 


Coronation Park Children

We have been supporting the children and many of the mothers of this squatter camp since 2007. Since then many of the mothers and the children have moved out of the camp to other places, after which we have continued supporting them in times of need. We have assisted them with their basic needs, such as food, clothing, educational needs (school clothing, stationary, camps and tours), medical and dental needs, etc.


During 2008, we established a small ‘Nursery School’ in a wooden hut. Two of the mothers from the squatter camp were trained to be the teachers, and this small school has gone from strength to strength. The children attend the Nursery School from 8h00 until 13h00 daily and this has vastly improved their development. This project is now self-sustainable and is managed by volunteers.


We also established an After-School Care Centre in an old container, as well as a weekly Baby-Stimulation group for the smaller children. 

Lesotho Outreaches

During August 2012, we undertook an outreach to Lesotho where we took with us many blankets as well as 300 hand-knitted beanies and scarves and hand-knitted Comfort dolls. It was snowing at the time, as it was bitterly cold.


The Cradle Ark (Tarlton Plot Project)

During 2007, the Cradle of Hope purchased a 16 hectares plot in Vlakplaats, Tarlton, with the assistance of donations from the founding-directors of the Section 21 Company, the Cradle of Hope.


When funding becomes available this property will be developed on a Kibbutz format, and the residents will be empowered with the skills to live off the land and become self-sustainable.  Currently we are assisting our residents with food, clothing and other necessary items, as well as establishing small food gardens.


Currently we are housing 106 residents (adults and children).


Development Centre for Ex-Drug Addicts and Prostitutes

This brand-new project of the Cradle of Hope, in conjunction with Asilweni Cleaning Streets, a non-governmental organisation, started operating on 3 October 2013. We are still in the planning phases and busy renovating and equipping a house. There is a huge need in Krugersdorp and in the entire West Rand, where drug-addicts and prostitutes, as well as girls (and boys) who have been trafficked into prostitution, could be assisted to get their lives back on track.


We are still in desperate need of many items to be able to fully equip this house and if you can assist, contact Melissa on 011 660 4623. 


Overnight Shelter  

During 2013, we became involved at the Tower of Life overnight shelter in Krugersdorp, which provides overnight accommodation and basic meals to approximately 50 less-fortunate and destitute men. We provide a nutritious meal on Fridays and Saturdays in the evening, as well as lunch on Wednesdays. We also spend some time with them, ministering to them.  


On Wednesday mornings, we present a two-hour group session for them – ‘Addiction Awareness, Recovery and Support’.


On Thursdays in the afternoon, we present a two-hour group session for them – ‘Inner Life Skills and Personal Growth’.


We also organise Christian and uplifting DVD’s for them, which they watch during the evenings.


For more information contact Melodie van Brakel at 011 660 4623. 


Cinderella Project

We assist less-fortunate women and young girls so that they can also look beautiful on their special day, such as a matric farewell, school dance, their wedding, etc. We assist them with the dress, shoes, accessories, their nails, their hair, and whatever may be required to make their special day extra special.

A ‘Greener’ and ‘Healthier’ South Africa

During 2012 / 2013, we were privileged to be able to distribute 15 000 fruit trees to our outreach areas, all over South-Africa.


The recipients were taught how to plant their trees and care for them.


Soon these trees will be big enough to provide healthy fresh fruit to many less fortunate communities.


Media Coverage and Accolades


The Cradle of Hope has been featured in the following newspapers and magazines:

- Various articles have appeared in the Krugersdorp News, Randfontein Herald, Northside Chronicle, Wes-Beeld, Amen and other community newspapers.

- SA Garden - February 2010

- LIG magazine, September 2011

- Mamas and Papas, Volume 3 No 20

- Vision magazine, June 2011

- Get-IT magazine (Joburg West), September 2011 and April 2012

- Sarie magazine, March 2012

- Fair Lady magazine, March 2012 

- Rooi Rose magazine, May 2012

- You and Drum magazines, June 2012

- Our co-founder Melodie van Brakel is featured in the 2012 / 2013 edition of the CEO magazine:  ‘SA’s Most Influential Women in Business and Government’.


The Cradle of Hope has received various awards and certificates of recognition:

- Co-founder Melodie van Brakel is featured in the 2012/2013 - CEO magazine: ‘Celebrating Excellence in Organisations, featuring South Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business and Government’;

- Co-founder Melodie van Brakel was chosen as one of the three finalists in the 2011 Clarins, Fair Lady and Sarie’s ‘Most dynamic woman in South-Africa’ awards;

- Co-founder Melodie van Brakel received the Bronze award at the Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ROCCI) and Lady ROOCI – ‘Community Services Champion’ awards for two years running, 2010 as well as 2011;

- The Cradle of Hope received Gold certificates from ROCCI for three years running, 2010, 2011 and 2012 for recognition as a community support organisation making a huge difference in the community;

- The Cradle of Hope received the very prestigious Chris Kruger annual award for 2012 from the West Rand Chamber of Business and Tourism in appreciation of our leadership, counselling and humanitarian services provided to women, children and the elderly;

- The Cradle of Hope received a certificate of recognition for 2012 for our Community Services from the West Rand Chamber of Business and Tourism;

- On 23 November 2012, Rotary International awarded Melodie van Brakel a ‘Vocational Service Award’ for Service Above Self;

- The Cradle of Hope was a finalist in the 2013 Business Achiever Awards of the West Rand Chamber of Business and Tourism;

- On 18 June 2013, the Rotary Club of Krugersdorp (Rotary International) awarded Melodie van Brakel with a merit award for ‘Service to the Community – Service Above Self’;

- Gold Award at the ROCCI Business of the Year awards for 2013 – ‘Award Nominee’;

- Gold award at the ROCCI Business of the Year awards for 2013 – ‘Community Support Organisation’;

- Gold Award at the ROCCI Business of the Year awards for 2013, the very prestigious award of:  - ‘Community Services Champion 2013’.  

Contact Information:


Melodie van Brakel
Chief Executive Officer
Tel: 011 660 4623
Email: melodie@thecradleofhope.org


Banking Details:

The Cradle of Hope

First National Bank, Krugersdorp 250241 

Account: 6218 035 2628



Fax:  086 528 9917 

Facebook:    www.facebook.com/TheCradleofHope

YouTube:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSB6LTFRSsk

Twitter: @TheCradleOfHope  


For more about the Cradle of Hope, refer to www.thecradleofhope.org.


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