CTICC flashes cash for charity


Cape Town - The Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) chose to celebrate its 12-year anniversary by donating R12 000 each to 12 Cape Town NGOs providing support services for the elderly, the homeless, orphans and at-risk youth.


Kids in crisis get $2000 donation


When Kids in Crisis found itself facing a budget deficit because of state funding cuts, the Needs Clearing House and Chicken Joe’s answered the call.


NPA wants NGOs to declare funds to Government


NATIONAL Planning Authority (NPA) has mooted a proposal requiring Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to declare their funds to Government to be reflected in the national budget.


The NPA executive director Joseph Muvawala on Wednesday told MPs on the Parliamentary committee of Defense and Internal Affairs that the proposal will ensure that NGOs' funds are translated into physical development and aligned with the National Development Plan.


Accion Chicago Kicks Off Ninth Fundraising Campaign


Accion Chicago in partnership with Kickstarter and MillerCoors will celebrate some pretty cool new local ventures that are looking to raise capital when they host a party next week to celebrate their latest fundraising campaigns that will help local small businesses. 


Some of the projects that are involved include: