On Tuesday, 1st April, “Giving & Solidarity – resource flows for poverty alleviation and development in South Africa” was launched at Constitution Hill in Johannesburg. The event was opened by Colleen du Toit from Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), and the presenting panel constituted of; the Deputy Vice Chancellor of University of Johannesburg Professor Adam Habib, one of the authors as well as co-editor of the book; Mandla Seleloane, independent researchers and author of the chapter “Resource Flows in Poor Communities: a reflection on four case studies”, and Rajesh Latchman, National Coordinator for The Forum.


In his presentation of the book, Professor Habib gave a brief summary of the key findings and the strategic implications for governance that may be drawn from these findings. “Giving and Solidarity” presents an analysis of the first comprehensive investigation on giving by non-state stakeholders in South Africa. It describes and discusses resource flows for poverty alleviation and development in South Africa from the private and corporate sector as well as from individuals or foreign donors. Who gives, why, how much and to whom, are the questions that are sought to be answered and the book gives us, not only a map over the non governmental contribution to poverty alleviation, but also an empirical base for questioning existing assumptions about the nature and consequences of the giving. It is a broad based study that discusses giving in relation to race, socioeconomic status and religion as well as looking at characteristics of giving in different sectors of the society. The focus of the study lies on the non-state givers but a chapter on resource flows from the state to poverty alleviation and development has been included to provide a point of reference and to give a fuller picture that will enable a more comprehensive understanding of resources allocated to poverty alleviation and development.


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Source:  National Welfare Social Service and Development Forum