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The Civil Society Development Fund (CSDF), an initiative of the Embassy of France in South Africa, supports the participation of South African Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in local governance.


The CSDF focuses on developing the CSOs’ capacity to advocate the interests of marginalized communities, to contribute to local public policies and to reinforce the accountability of local governments towards their citizens.


The objectives of the CSDF are (1) Improving the quality and access to basic services with a specific focus on sustainable development of communities and social cohesion and (2) Promoting Human rights, especially those of marginalized groups.




• A bottom up approach, where organisations design and implement their own strategy


• A coordinated approach, where preference is given to initiatives co-financed by South African and foreign stakeholders, including European Union member States and their implementing agencies, United Nations agencies and French CSOs. Initiatives co-financed by one or several of these stakeholders will therefore, be given priority.


• A coherent strategy - the programme follows the principles of the European Union Charter on Local Governance and contributes to the goals of the French-South African cooperation strategy which is based on South African priorities.


• We provide technical support on organizational development and gender mainstreaming, as well as networking support. In 2014, the CSDF – in cooperation with the EU Delegation and other EU member States, supported the participation of its partner organisations in the  CIVICUS International Civil Society Week 2014.




What do we fund?   Project-based grants of up to €40 000 that do not exceed 70% of the total project budget and cover 12- to 18-months projects


What are our criteria?   Applying organisations are registered not-for-profit civil society organisations (CSOs), networks or coalitions based in South Africa and with a 3-5 year experience in the sector. The terrain of activity is within South Africa. Priority is given to co-financed initiatives that support gender equality and women’s 


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