The New Year is upon us and many of us have made Personal New Year resolutions.(As it is already some 12 days into the new year many resolutions have already gone down the drain or we are seriously questioning our thinking when we made it)


But have any of us in the social service field made New Year resolutions for the NGO, NPO, and CBO, FBO or other civil organisations for which we work.


We often complain about the lack of funding and resources and spend less time on focusing on the financial governance of the little that we have. Financial management is that function in an organisation that is concerned with the raising and allocation of resources within that organisation in order to attain its goals.


With regards to financial management for the New Year let’s


  • Endeavour the acquire the resources that our organisations need
  • Allocate the limited resources that we have on a needs based priority system
  • Use our limited resource efficiently
  • Ensure that acquisition, allocation and efficiency happens


Be in a position to be able to prove that we are trying to acquire funds, allocate our limited resources based on a priorities, and that we use our limited resources efficiently.


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- Fatima Abrahams, Managing Partner at The Organisational Puzzle