Fundraising success is key to many nonprofit organizations. Without the assistance of donors, many charities would be unable to keep their doors open. That being the case, there are many things nonprofits can do to increase the effectiveness of fundraising campaigns. For instance, tweaking the language you use in your fundraising appeals can improve their success.



Here are just a few ways to improve your fundraising letters:


1. Include a clear call to action


According to Fundraising IP, many nonprofits have trouble getting to the point in their appeals. When donors receive a communication from a nonprofit they have contributed to in the past, they can probably assume they are being called on once again. However, when the letter fails to make a specific ask, the donor may not follow through. Use a clear CTA in your messages that gives readers directions about what to do next.



2. Keep them simple and direct


It may be tempting to use a flashy design to increase engagement with fundraising messages, but this probably won’t help you in the long run, Fundraising IP noted. This also refers to the language you use. Rather than writing some artful prose on your nonprofits mission, consider simply using bullet points to list some quick facts. Donors should be able to quickly ascertain the basics after a cursory glance. Resorting to attention-grabbing or overfly flowery techniques could just end of clouding your message.


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Prepared by: Community Force